Thai Preserved Food Factory Company Limited was established in 1972 on the total land area of 99 rais. The company is located at 42/1 Moo 2, Phetchkasem Road, Om-Yai Sub-district, Sampran District, Nakornphthom Province and 3 Moo 14, Rai-Khing Sub-district, Sampran District, Nakornpathom Province. Out of the total area, about 10 rais is allocated for the employees's dormitory, 24 rais for the wastewater treatment and the rest of 57 rais for the office building and factory. The company run by Mr.Charn Tamkongka, the Chairman and Mr.Pricha Napapruekchat, the Managing Director, manufactures "Wai Wai and Quick" brand names of packaged instant noodle and dehydrated rice vermicelli.


To produce our products under good manufacturing practice (GMP) and food safety program to meet customers' most satisfactory. Focus on human resource development and conduct our business by living up the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental care

Vision Statement

To be leading manufacturer and distributor in food industry. Our products must be well known in team of best quality in both domestic and export markets. We always emphasize on human resource development and conduct our business by living up the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental care.

Mission Statement 

1. To produce our products under good manufacturing practice (GMP) and food safety program to meet customers' requirements.

2. To understand our customers' needs and requirements by conducting integrated marketing.

3. To conduct efficiency distribution of our goods to meet customers' satisfactory.

4. To promote firm's human resource development.

5. Always support research and development programs in our organization.

6. Boosting staffs' morale for company loyalty.

7. Living up the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental care in our organization.

8. To conduct cost management effectively.

9. To promote activities for porsonnel safety in our factory.

10. Good management in opportunity and risk factors.

11. Promote QCC activity to motivate staffs' learning. 


 The R&D and Product Development

   In order to satisfy the customers and offer them with the new variety of products on the continuous basis. the company's priority is the R&D and product development. Company's introduction of "Wai Wai" Minced Pork Tom Yum Flavour instant noodle and "Quick" Tom Klong Favour instant noodle, the first of its kind in the market, is the testimony to the leadership of the company on this regard.

   The company is also keen on the quality control. The QC system is adopted on every steps of production from the selection of raw material, production, finishing to the delivery of product to end-user. The comprehensive QC system is to ensure that thequality standard of every package of "Wai Wai" and "Quick" products is consistent as well as the good taste and safety.



   The quality standard of all products manufactured by the company is under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Industry. The company meanwhile, established the R&D Department and Quality Control Department to control the standard of products and taste and develop the new variety of taste and flavours on the continuous basis.

   The effort of the company has earned the trust from the customers in the local and foreign markets on the products under "Wai Wai and Quick" brand names for more than 35 years.

   The products of the company can mainly be classified into two groupings as the following.

   1. The products for the domestic market i.e. Instant Noodle ( In Pack and In Cup ) Instant Rice Vermicelli, Dehydrated Rice Vermicelli etc.

   2. The products for exported market i.e. Instant Noodle, Quick Formula Noodle ( In Pack and In Cup ), Instant Rice vermicelli etc.


Distribution Channel

   The company is widening its distribution network to cover all regions of the country to facilitate the distribution of products ot the outlets and consumers on the daily basis.

   The company, through the export, also expands into the overseas markets including USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. The exported market shares 20% of total sale.


Human Resource Development ... Environment Protection

   The company has been well aware of the important of human resource. The trainings for the upgrading of personnel's ability has been provided for the employees. The company also offers the employees with many fringe benefits i.e. living expenses, special allowance, bonus, cash incentives to raise the working efficiency and employee's incomes.

    Apart from the human resource development, the company is also keen on the environmental protection and well-being of surrounding communities. With the allocation of 25% of total area for the wastewater treatment system, all the steps of production process are friendly to the environment and surrounding communities.


The Company's Pround Awards and Certificates

   With the modern environmental friendly production process and the continuous development of human resource on the working expertise and introduction of pre-market inspection system, the company has earned numerous awards and certificates as the followings.

-Prime Minister's Export Award 1999 on the category of exporter with own brand

-Best of 97 ( Media Asian Advertising Award )

-E.G.V. Cinema Ad Award

-Award from the Ministry of Science and Environment

-BAD Award-Certificate of Excellence 2001-2002 for the TV commercial Advertising spot of Quick instant noodle in Cup

-Bronze Award ( 2005 television advertising, confectionery snacks savory food & sesoning ) in the Admin AWARD & SYMPOSIUM contest

-GMP Certificate on the Standard Food Manufacturer Project by FDA, Ministry of Public Health

-GMP Codex and HACCP Certificate From Department of Agriculture

-ISO 9001 : 2018 Certificate from TUV NORD (Thailand) Ltd.